Audience Analysis (Apple iWork Pages/Numbers)

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The template includes a 30 page iWork Pages template and a Numbers spreadsheet with 130 entries. Use this template to learn more about the target audience for your projects and what they want to achieve, for example, read your user guide, visit your website or buy your product. Audience_Analysis_Template_Coverpage Purpose
  • Identify how your audience benefits from your product, service, or project.
  • Identify the results you want to achieve for the target audience.
  • The current attitude towards your products/services.
  • Identify the gap between the current state (where you are now) and the desired result.
  • Determine the target audience’s level of interest in or motivation for using your product or service.
  • Capture their preferences for giving and receiving information.
  • Define a target audience profile (TAP) of your business.
  • Audience Analysis Template - iWork Pages (30 pgs)
  • Audience Analysis Worksheet - iWork Numbers
Audience_Analysis_Template_Apple-iWork_Profile Audience_Analysis_Template_iWork_Pages_Costs Audience_Analysis_Template_iWork_Pages_Determine_Audience Audience_Analysis_Template_iWork_Pages_Expectations Audience_Analysis_Template_iWork_Pages_Introduction Audience_Analysis_Template_iWork_Pages_Outcomes Audience_Analysis_Template_iWork_Pages_TOC Audience_Analysis_Template_iWork_Pages_Types Audience_Analysis_Template_iWork_Pages_Worksheet Audience_Analysis_Templates_Apple_iWork_Pages_Numbers_MSWord Audience_Analysis_Worksheet_iWork_Numbers_Template File Formats Apple iWork Pages/Numbers Supported Platforms iPhone, iPad, iMac Language Templates are written in English About Us Klariti Ltd has created templates, forms, and documents for business, software development, and testing since 1997. Learn more about us at

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