Software Testing Templates – 50 MS Word + 40 Excel spreadsheets

Software Testing Templates (MS Word & Excel)

This Software Testing Template pack includes 50 MS Word and 40 MS Excel templates. You can use these templates to save time when creating test forms, logs and checklists so your Test Department has a standardized approach to testing.

This Software Testing Template pack includes 50 MS Word and 40 MS Excel templates. You can use these templates to save time when creating test forms, logs and checklists so your Test Department has a standardized approach to testing. Software Testing Templates: Contents

When you download the template pack, it will include four folders: MS Excel spreadsheets, MS Word forms, User Acceptance Test Plan, and a Test Plan template.

  • 88 Checklists, Forms and Templates including Action Items, Change Control, Change Requests, Contract Review, Data Access, Enhancement Request, Error Log, Final Release, Test Environment, Installation Completion, Issue Log, Outsourced Project, Quality Log, Risk Log, Status Report, Test Case, Test Plan, Test Record, Test Script, Unit Test Plan, User Acceptance Test Plan, User Interface Checklist, Web Usability Test Report…
  • Test Plan Template (29 pages) defines the scope, strategy, environment, controls, execution, release criteria, and budgets.
  • User Acceptance Test Plan (15 pages) gains customer acceptance and verifies that deliverable meets requirements.
Software Testing: 50 Microsoft Word Templates

The Software Testing template toolkit includes the following 50 MS Word templates, forms, and checklists:

  1. Acceptance Checklist
  2. Acceptance Form
  3. Acceptance Test Plan
  4. Action Item Log
  5. Business Approval Checklist Form
  6. Business Approval Form
  7. Change Control Form
  8. Change Control Log
  9. Change Request Form
  10. Contract Review Form
  11. Data Access Control Form
  12. Enhancement Request Form
  13. Error Log
  14. Final Release Report
  15. Hardware Test Environment Specifications
  16. Installation Completion Form
  17. Issue Log
  18. Outsourced Project Checklist
  19. Quality Log
  20. Release Control Form
  21. Requirements Testing Report
  22. Requirements Traceability Matrix
  23. Risk Log
  24. Risk Management Plan Form
  25. Roles & Responsibility Matrix
  26. Status Report
  27. System Acceptance Form
  28. System Final Release Sign-off Form
  29. System Requirements Sign-off Form
  30. System Test Plan Sign-off Form
  31. Test Case Template
  32. Test Case Validation Log
  33. Test Cycle Signoff Document
  34. Test Evaluation Summary
  35. Test Manager Checklist
  36. Test Plan Template
  37. Test Plan Review Checklist
  38. Test Plan Task Preparation
  39. Test Problem Record
  40. Test Record
  41. Test Results Report
  42. Test Script
  43. Test Script Allocation Form
  44. Training Course Evaluation Form
  45. Training Requirements Form
  46. Unit Test Plan
  47. User Acceptance Test Plan
  48. User Acceptance Test Report
  49. User Interface Checklist
  50. Web Usability Test Report
Software Testing – MS Word Screenshots

Here are screenshots of MS Word templates, forms, and checklists

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Software Testing Templates: 40 Microsoft Excel Spreadsheets

The software testing template kit also includes these 40 Microsoft Excel templates.

  1. Acceptance Criteria Log
  2. Action Item Log
  3. Business Approval Form
  4. Business Approval Checklist
  5. Change Control Log
  6. Change History Log
  7. Change Management Tracking Log
  8. Change Register
  9. Change Request Form
  10. Data Access Control
  11. Deviation Control Form
  12. Document Control Form
  13. Failed Scripts
  14. Hardware Inventory
  15. Issue Log
  16. Issue Submission Form
  17. Log Status
  18. Open Issues
  19. Project Costs
  20. Quality Log
  21. Recovery Tests
  22. Report – Test Summary
  23. Reporting Requirements
  24. Roles and Responsibilities Descriptions
  25. Roles and Responsibilities Matrix
  26. Risk Log
  27. Risk Register
  28. Risk Response Plan
  29. Status Report
  30. Task Preparation
  31. Test Case
  32. Test Case Validation Log
  33. Test Script
  34. Test Script List
  35. Test Tracking Report
  36. Testing Budget
  37. To Do List
  38. Unit Test
  39. Version Control Log
  40. Web Usability Report
Software Testing – MS Excel Screenshots

Here are screenshots of the MS Excel spreadsheets:

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Free MS Office 97-2003 Templates

For those of you who use MS Office 97-2003, we’ve included the 27 MS Excel and 50 MS Word templates in .doc and .xls format.

These templates are the exact same as the MS Office 2016 templates shown above. The color scheme is slightly different, that’s all.

Here are some screenshots so you can see what they are like. You will find these in the MS Office Templates 97-2003 folder.

Software Testing: Project Costs MS Excel template

Status Report

Software Testing: Open Issues MS Excel template

Software Testing: Issue Submission MS Excel template

Software Testing: Action Item Log – MS Excel template

Software Testing: Release Control Form

Software Testing Change Request Form

Software Testing: Test Script – MS Word

Software Testing: Test Case Template

Test Manager Checklist
Software Testing: Test Manager Checklist

Software Testing: Issue Log – MS Word

Software Testing: User Acceptance Test Report

Software Testing: Status Reports

 Test Plan Template

Test Plan Template

Software Testing: Environment Specifications

Software Testing Templates: Getting Started
  • Acceptance Criteria Log – Use this template to capture the acceptance criteria when testing each functional area.
  • Action Item Log – Allocate an action item number, description, status (Low/Medium/High), date reported, resource it was assigned to, its due date, and other additional comments.
  • Change Control Log – Identify the basis for the change; confirm whether it is disapproved or approved. Include the Software Change Request Number (SCR) #, Requirements #, date submitted, and whether it is approved/not approved, on hold, in progress, or cancelled.
  • Change History Log – Describe the date, author and history in this log file.
  • Data Access Control – For each Person or Group, identify the individuals who have access to the test cases and their status, e.g. Development has access to the Test Cases for Web Project.
  • Deviation Control Form – Use this form to record minor adjustments (i.e. deviations) that must be made to the system in order for testing to proceed.
  • Document Control Form – Use this form to identify, track and monitor test scripts.
  • Failed Scripts – Use this script to identify where test scripts have failed and provide details of the error and its severity, e.g. minor error, major error etc.
  • Issue Submission Form – Use this to describe errors/issues that must be addressed for testing to proceed. Usually sent by users or testers to the Line Manager.
  • Log Status – For each log, identify its Log ID, the nature of the risk/issue, and whether it is Open or Closed.
  • Open Issues – Use this to identify all open issues by number, date created; tester, with descriptions of Target Date, Category, Status, Resolution and Date.
  • Project Costs – Use this spreadsheet to determine the cost of running all test-related activities throughout the software development lifecycle.
  • Quality Log – Use this to capture the module under test, method of checking, tester, Planned Date, Date Completed, Results, Action Items and Sign-off Date.
  • Risk Log – Identify the Risk Number, its Date, Type (e.g. Business/Project/Stage) a brief description, Likelihood %, Severity (e.g. Low or Medium) Impact, Action Required, who is was Assigned To and its Status.
  • Roles and Responsibilities Descriptions & Matrix – Identify all the roles on the project, with details of their responsibilities. Include contact names and email addresses.
  • Status Report – Identify the function that is under test, enter its Business value on a scale of 1-5 with 1 the lowest value and 5 the highest (or whichever numbering system you wish to use); details of the problem severity broken out by a factor of 1 to 5.
  • Test Preparation – Use this to identify all activities that must be performed before testing commences, such as reviewing specifications and prioritizing test items.
  • Test Case – Use this template to test a specific part of the system as per the Test Plan.
  • Test Validation Log – Use this log file to track the results of the test cases.
  • Test Script – Enter the Area under test, its Set, whether it has Passed or Failed, with a Description of the Error and its Severity, e.g. L/M/H.
  • Test Script List – Enter the Area under test, its Test Case ID, Bug ID, Bug Fixed Date, Bug Fixed By and Fix verified By details.
  • Task Preparation – Use this checklist to prepare for the Test Plan: Review Software Requirements Specifications, Identify functions/modules for testing, Perform Risk Analysis.
  • Test Case & Validation Log – Use this Test Case template to capture the name of the Test Case; Description; Start Conditions; Pass Criteria; Tester Name; Build Number; Test Data; Steps, Actions and Expected Result.
  • Test Tracking Report – Use this report to track the progress of the software tests each Week, capture which are Planned, were Attempted and numbers that are Successful.
  • Testing Budget – Use this Excel spreadsheet to plan your quarterly and annual testing budgets. Identify, quantify and cost the resources required by your team to complete projects successfully.
  • Unit Test – Use this to describe the item under test, expected results and whether it passed or failed.
  • Version Control Log – Use this to track the Product’s Version No., its Date, and Approvals.
  • Web Usability Report – Use this to analyze the usability of a web project, such as the performance of its Navigation, Graphics, Error Messages, and the quality of its micro-content.
Free Test Plan Template (29 Pages)

When you download the Software Testing Template kit, you get this 29 page MS Word Test Plan template for free. You can buy it separately here.

Free Acceptance Test Plan (21 Pages)

And as part of the Software Testing Template kit, you also get this free 21 page MS Word Acceptance Test Plan template.

This 21 page MS Word template outlines the steps required to prepare an Acceptance Test Plan, ensuring that all components of the system are tested.


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Software Testing Templates: Contents

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Images – All of the images in the templates are copyright free.


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