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All Productstemplates
All Productstemplates

10 x Proposal Templates (MS Word/Excel)

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Use this 27-page Proposal Template to write concise, effective, and persuasive business proposals. The success of a proposal depends on how you describe WHAT you are proposing, HOW you plan to do it, WHEN you plan to do it, and HOW MUCH it is going to cost. This proposal template was designed with these requirements in mind. It contains the basic components of a business proposal: start (the Executive Summary), middle (the Body of material to be presented) and an end (the Conclusion). Proposal_Template_coverpage Content & Format The package also includes two additional templates, which have the same material but different cover sheets in case you have a preference. All of the templates can be modified very easily and contain no macros, embedded files or other type of plug-ins. The template pack includes the following documents:
  • Proposal templates – iWork Pages (3 x templates)
  • Projects Costs - iWork Numbers (1 x spreadsheets)
  • Work Breakdown Structure - iWork Numbers (1 x spreadsheets)
Proposal_Template_Apple_Numbers_Project_Costs_Work_Breakdown_Structure Proposal_Templates_Apple_Pages_Numbers_Product_List Proposal_TemplateProposal_Templates_Apple_Pages_Numbers_Coversheet Proposal_Template_Apple_Pages_Numbers_Work_Days_Role Proposal_Template_Apple_Pages_Numbers_Understanding_Requirements Proposal_Template_Apple_Pages_Numbers_TOC Proposal_Template_Apple_Pages_Numbers_Skyscraper Proposal_Template_Apple_Pages_Numbers_Requirements Proposal_Template_Apple_Pages_Numbers_Qualifications Proposal_Template_Apple_Pages_Numbers_Project_Management Proposal_Template_Apple_Pages_Numbers_General_Information Proposal_Template_Apple_Pages_Numbers_Costs File Formats Apple iWork Pages/Numbers   Supported Platforms iPhone, iPad, iMac/Numbers Language Templates are written in English About Us Klariti Ltd has created templates, forms, and documents for business, software development, and testing since 1997. Learn more about us at

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