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5 x User Guide Templates (MS Word)

Use this Business Rule template (MS Word) to clarify the appropriate actions that need to be taken and remove any ambiguity regarding the correct course of action that must be followed.

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Business Rules Template

Looking for a Business Rule template in MS Word to define how your business operates? Business rules clarify the appropriate action that needs to be taken and removes any ambiguity regarding the correct course of action that must be followed. Business rules describe how company policies or practices apply to a specific business activity. As you model your business processes, you can capture business rules as separate elements and weave them into your process flows. 

Business Rules Template

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Business Rules: Key Benefits

A Business Rules is a set of activities designed to produce a specific output. It is used to capture the specific ordering of work activities, including inputs, outputs, triggers and actions.

These Business Rules templates will help you to:

  • Automate complex decision-making processes; reduce the likelihood of human error

  • Capture business logic so it can be modified after deployment if you need to adapt your business processes

  • Enforce company business policies

  • Ensure regulatory compliance

Once you have defined a set of business rules, you can reuse them in other processes.

Business Rules Template

Microsoft Word Business Rules template - 15 pages

Business Rules Template

Business Rules introduction

Business Rules Template

Business Rules Table

Business Rules Template

Group of Business Rules

and Free Excel Template

Business Rules Template Sample

Business Rules Template - Blank

Business Rules Template - Free Download

Business Rules Template - Sample

Business Rules Template: Table of Contents

1 Introduction

1.1 Purpose

1.2 Scope

1.3 Definitions, acronyms, and abbreviations

1.4 References

1.5 Overview

2 Business Rule #1
2.1 Business rule name #
2.2 Business rule name #

3 Business Rule #2

3.1 Business rule name ##

3.2 Business rule name ##

4. Group of Business Rules

4.1 Group of business rules #1

4.2 Group of business rules #2

5. Appendix

Business Rules Template Pack

The templates are in Microsoft Word and Excel format and can be downloaded online for only $7.99.

The template pack includes the following documents:

Business Rules Template 15 pages Download Word template Business Rules Template  1 x Excel file Download Excel template

Download Now for $7.99

Download Action Plan Template

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