15 x White Paper Templates (MS Word)

15 x White Paper Templates (MS Word)

Easy to update white paper templates for Business Analysts, Proposal Managers, Sales Executives, Product Managers, Development Managers, IT Managers, Documentation Managers, and Technical Writers.

Using a white paper templates written by a marketing consultant who has worked with five of the world’s largest consultancies. - Raising the bar and improve the quality of your Sales and Marketing collateral - Giving yourself an edge over your competition. - Saving time with pre-formatted templates instead of preparing documents from scratch. - Providing your colleagues with attractive, pre-formatted templates that they can all use, rather than everyone developing their own documents. - Establishing a Corporate Library of standard business templates. - Ensuring consistency in the style and format of your Sales material. - No more hours lost formatting different styles, fonts, layout and presentations! White Paper Templates: Structure

The structure of the white paper templates use the following structure:

  • Executive Summary
  • Business Challenge
  • Solution Description
  • Benefits
  • Technical Specifications
  • Target Market
  • Case Studies
  • Summary

In the following examples, we have included screenshots of both the Numbered and Unnumbered white paper templates. We include both of these in the download file as, for certain projects, you may want to use a numbered system in your document, whereas in others you may prefer the more standard approach.

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