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USD 7.99

Action Plan Template (MS Word) & Free Excel spreadsheets

This Action Plan template pack includes a 14 page Word template and 7 Excel spreadsheets to organize your planning activities.

USD 9.99

5 x User Guide Templates (MS Word)

USD 7.99

Communication Plan Template (MS Word)

Communication Plan Template (MS Word)

USD 9.99

Business Case Templates (MS Word)

Use this Business Case template 22 pages MS Word to outline the Business Need, Current Process, Services, Expected Benefits, Change Analysis, Cost estimate, Cost/Benefit Analysis, and Project Schedule.

USD 19.95

Business Continuity Plan Template (48 pages Word, 12 Excel)

You can use this Business Continuity Plan Template (48 page Word, 12 Excel spreadsheets, with its free Business Impact Analysis, and Damage Assessment Report templates to recover quickly and effectively from an unforeseen disaster or emergency.

USD 19.99

Business Plan Templates (40 page MS Word & 10 free Excels)

This Business Plan template includes a 40 page template in MS Word and 10 free Excel spreadsheets.

USD 9.99

Bill of Materials Templates (MS Word & Excel)

Use this Bill of Materials (BOM) template pack (MS Word & Excel) to list the parts for building a product, including software application, infrastructure equipment and physical buildings.

USD 4.99

Troubleshooting Guide Templates (3 x MS Word)

USD 19.99

Policy Manual Templates (MS Word/Excel)

USD 9.99

Scope of Work Template - MS Word & Excel

Scope of Work templates in MS Word and Excel

USD 7.99

Business Rules Templates (MS Word/Excel)

USD 19.99

Change Management Plan Template (MS Word+Excel)

Change Management Plan Template (MS Word)

USD 29.00

15 Technical Writing Templates (MS Word+Excel)

USD 9.99

Quality Assurance Plan Templates (MS Word/Excel)

Template pack includes 39-page Quality Assurance Plan Template in MS Word, Audit and Schedule Forms, and 7 Excel spreadsheets

USD 3.00

Expression of Interest Templates (MS Word/Excel)

Expression of Interest Template (MS Word/Excel)

USD 14.99

Grant Proposal Template (MS Office)

Sample template, forms, cover letter

USD 9.99

Contingency Plan Templates - 3 x MS Word + 9 x Excel Spreadsheets

Contingency Plan Templates (MS Word + 9 x Excels)

USD 9.99

Audience Analysis Templates (30 Pages MS Word/Excel)

The Audience Analysis Template includes a 30 page MS Word template and an MS Excel spreadsheet with 130 entries.

USD 9.99

Acquisition Plan Templates (MS Word/Excel)

This Acquisition Plan template pack includes a 16 page Word template and 3 Excel spreadsheets.

USD 9.99

Availability Plan Templates (26 pages MS Word)

Use this Availability Plan Template (26 pages in MS Word) to describe how your system will be made available by capturing the hardware and software aspects of your solution setup.

USD 7.99

Disposition Plan Templates (3 x MS Word)

26 page MS Word

USD 9.99

Software Development Plan (MS Word)

Software Development Plan template

USD 7.99

Action Plan (Apple iWork Pages/Numbers)

Action Plan templates (Apple iWork) 14 pgs Pages + 7 Numbers spreadsheets

USD 9.99

Vision Template (MS Word)

Vision Template for Software Development Lifecycle (MS Word)