Request For Proposal (Apple iWork Pages/Numbers)

You can use these Request For Proposal templates (iWork Pages 37 pages + 4 spreadsheets) to send invitations to suppliers to submit business proposal for specific products or services. Effective Request for Proposals reflect the strategy and short/long-term business objectives, providing detailed insight upon which suppliers will be able to offer a matching perspective. Request-For_Proposal-Template-Apple-iWork-Pages_coverpage Purpose
  • Inform suppliers that you wish to procure products or services.
  • Alert suppliers that the selection process is competitive.
  • Ensure that suppliers respond factually to the identified requirements.
  • Demonstrate impartiality by following a structured evaluation and selection procedure.
  • Request For Proposal - iWork Pages (37 pages)
  • Expression of Interest - iWork Pages (11 pages)
  • Vendor Assessment - iWork Numbers (3 x spreadsheet)
  • Clarification to Vendor Queries - iWork Numbers (1 x spreadsheet)
Request-For_Proposal-Template-Apple-iWork-Pages-1 Request-For_Proposal-Template-Apple-iWork-Pages-TOC Request-For_Proposal-Template-Apple-iWork-Pages-Requirements Request-For_Proposal-Template-Apple-iWork-Pages-Issuer-Rile Request-For_Proposal-Template-Apple-iWork-Pages-Introduction Request-For_Proposal-Template-Apple-iWork-Pages-Format Request-For_Proposal-Template-Apple-iWork-Pages-Effort Request-For_Proposal-Template-Apple-iWork-Pages-Costs Request-For_Proposal-Template-Apple-iWork-Pages-Costs-2 Request-For_Proposal-Template-Apple-iWork-Pages-Award-Criteria Request-For_Proposal-Template-Apple-iWork-Pages-Award-Criteria-2 Request-For_Proposal-Template-Apple-iWork-Pages-Appendix Request-For_Proposal-Template-Apple-iWork-Pages-Appendix-B File Formats Apple iWork Pages/Numbers Supported Platforms iPhone, iPad, iMac Language Templates are written in English About Us Klariti Ltd has created templates, forms, and documents for business, finance, software development and testing since 1997. Learn more about us at

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